American Casino: My Favorite Casino Tv Reality Show

American Casino is actually the show that showed me what a real life modern grand casino and hotel can be like. I watched this show on the Discovery Channel as I was growing up, and it completely blew my mind. Prior to that, I had no interest in gambling whatsoever. Well, I was also just a little kid and I wouldn’t have been allowed in there even if I was interested. But still, it just didn’t appeal to me. That’s mainly because I used to think that a casino is just a place where you go to try and win money, but end up losing your own, in most cases. But after seeing how they do things over at Green Valley Ranch, I just couldn’t wait to be old enough to gamble.This is basically a reality show that revolves around all the intricacies of running a big, luxurious casino. It shows us just about everything there is to see, from the point of view of the management. You can see all of the hard work and planning that goes into every little event. But even more, you are able to see just how important those events are. I’m sure that some were hyped up to boost the drama and the TV show’s success, but it just gave you the feeling that if the even wouldn’t go as planned, or it wouldn’t raise as much money as intended, there would be a lot of trouble for the casino.

But let’s skip that for a while and get to what really astounded me about the show. The first element was the grandness of it all. That casino and hotel complex was absolutely huge and extremely luxurious. Then, it was the way people were treated there. Those who were caught cheating were kicked out as fast as possible. Meanwhile, the honest players were always served free drinks and treated with care and respect. What is more, everybody was having a great time, even though some of them were losing. I initially thought they just faked it for the camera, but I later talked to someone who actually worked there during the making of the show, and there were no scripts at all. Whatever I saw was real.

Finally, I was convinced I would one day visit Las Vegas when I saw the way they treated high rollers. I remember an episode in which an important customer was flown out by helicopter, on the house, just so he could have a nice meal on the edge of the Grand Canyon. To me, that was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. And if that wasn’t enough, they even got rock legends like Motley Crue get back together and do shows after many years. It was then that I figured that I would spend many nights playing the slots in Las Vegas. And as fate would have it, I actually managed to turn that dream into reality. If you want to find out more about how casinos are run, definitely watch American Casino.