Cheating Vegas Shows That The Legal Way Is The Better Way

Cheating Vegas (2012) is a show I recommend to absolutely anyone who has even the slightest thought about trying to illegally win money at a casino in the United States. To the untrained eye it might seem like just another “crime doesn’t pay” campaign to make sure that casinos don’t lose a lot of money to cheaters, but I can assure you that is not the case. I have worked with the security department of a casino for a couple of years and I can tell you there is just no way you can walk out of the casino after making a lot of money in an illegal way. First of all, absolutely every nook and cranny is under supervision, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then, you have a team of extremely well trained agents keeping an eye on monitors set in security rooms, capturing gamblers straight from the casino halls.

Many important casinos now recruit nothing but the best as their security agents. Some of them even have ex-CIA and other secret service agents working security for them. In fact, several studies have shown that your odds of legally winning money at the casino are better than those of walking out with money won by cheating. And if you think you can cheat by using some kind of techno gadget, you would also be wrong. Some of the best experts in the field gambling technological advancements are employed by casinos, and they will often be used to detect any kind of surprises.

Actually, the show does a good job of showing that fact with the Tommy Carmichael story. The guy used a simple, but extremely efficient, way of fooling the slot machines to pay him everything they had whenever any kind of winning combination was struck. His device is called a “light wand” and it disrupted the counting mechanism of the slots. This forced the machines to empty its coins even if a small payout combination was struck. But even so, Carmichael was caught and both he and his girlfriend ended up doing hard time in jail.

The TV series uses 100% real security camera footage to show people at the exact moments when they are cheating. What’s more is, you can also see real interviews with cheaters who have been caught and are serving time for their actions. I noticed most of these guys have something in common when stating the reasons why they tried to cheat the casino. They say that the casino always cheats its guests, there is always enough money that they won’t even feel the losses and nobody will get hurt. However, even though it is true that the house has more chances of winning than its patrons, one has to consider that every large casino has thousands of employees to feed. And when you think about the publicity and other types of campaigns they engage in, the profit amount drops considerably. So do yourself a favor and play legally. Just watch Cheating Vegas and you will find out much more.