5 Most Classic Casino Movies

We always talk about TV shows, this time we thought to do something different and gather up what we think are the all time Top 5 Most Classic Casino Movies.

Don’t you just love those casino movies with their high action, bright lights, and constant movement? There have been some awesome casino movies made over the years. If you have missed some of these, you should pop some corn, snuggle up on the couch and catch up on these super-fun casino movies. (Not in any particular order!)

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Casino Royale is Daniel Craig’s first Bond movie and is full of eye candy and awesome action; not to mention casino scenes. Bond’s assignment is to stop Le Chiffre, a terrorist who loves to play poker. Nail-biting scenes show Le Chiffre trying to win back millions of dollars he owes to terrorists, and Bond can’t let him win. Of course, Bond and his glamorous sidekick (of course a woman) must do everything in their power to stop this terrorist and his evil ways.

Cool, awesome, and Bond’s first lesson as a 00 agent. Casino Royale is the movie where he has to earn his “license” to kill. Elaborate casino scenes filled with sound, glamor, and tense play moments – especially the poisoning scene where James Bond has to act nonchalant as he is “dying.” One could go on and on about the debonair Mr. Bond, and of course, the classic casino scenes.



Casino is your traditional “evil gangster” story that takes place in Las Vegas. Based on true events on the Las Vegas Strip hotel, Robert De Niro is the main guy, and the film portrays how the Mafia built Las Vegas and lost control of the casinos.

The Tangiers Casino (made-up name) is the casino, and this is the story of gangsters and the casino business. Most of the scenes were shot at Riviera Hotel & Casino, and the story is loosely based on the Stardust Casino. De Niro plays Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a top gambler who is hired to run the day-to-day operations at the Tangiers Casino for the Chicago Outfit (scary mobsters) through the 1970s and 80s.

Casino garnered positive critical response, and was a box office success. Watch this movie to get a small feel of life at a mafia-run casino.



Ocean’s 11 is one of the best remakes of the Rat Pack’s (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.) Las Vegas casino comedies. Eleven professional criminals come together for a heist against a casino with over $150 million in its vaults. The movie plays out in the opulent Bellagio with its dancing fountains, glamour, ambiance and fast casino play.

The plot develops as Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) fellow thieves plan a heist to rival any robbery ever attempted. No George Clooney movie is complete without a love triangle, played against the richness of the casino world. The planning, smarts, and gadgets make this move very entertaining.

You’ll be amazed at the security that surrounds the millions of dollars stored in casino vaults. Sit on the edge of your seat as Ocean’s 11 plans the heist, work their magic, and succeed in duping the owner of the Bellagio.

Once you’re done, continue with Ocean’s 12 & 13. Was there also 14? We lost count…



Five MIT students learn from their professor the art of counting cards at blackjack. Wanting to make $300,000 to pay for med school, the hero Ben Campbell, begins a secret life in Las Vegas.  Using the skills of code talk and hand signals learn from their math professor, five extremely bright MIT students win hundreds of thousands of dollars at blackjack in swanky Las Vegas casinos.



Ben becomes addicted to winning, his egotism get in the way. Played against the backdrop of Planet Hollywood’s casino, the tight security at Las Vegas casinos plus the addiction of casino gambling takes over the five students.

Ben Campbell is followed by a snap security team who knows he’s counting cards. They haul him off to a basement room, beat him within an inch of his life, and convince him to name his mentor. His mentor was a card counter banned forever from Las Vegas. The plot thickens, the professors and the five students return to Las Vegas, and the gambling gets tense. The finale is life-changing. Rent the movie and find out.



Croupier tells the story of casino life from the perspective of a dealer, or someone who assists at the gambling table to look over the game. Croupier is not your usual Las Vegas flashy casino movie but introduces the viewer to the back-alley gambling world in London. There is nothing luxurious and high roller-ish about this movie.

Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) is an aspiring author who is suffering from writer’s block. Urged on by his father, he takes a job as a croupier to make some money and maybe gain a plot for his book. He knows the danger of London’s dark gambling world but thinks he can remain outside the temptation. As predicted, the game draws him in, and he falls deeper into the criminal world of London’s gambling.

Jack befriends another croupier who is cheating the casino and sleeps with yet another croupier. He allows his girlfriend to read his novel, and she becomes alarmed as Jack portrays himself as a cold and calculating croupier.

Jack is eventually coerced into being the distraction for a robbery, and his reward is to get beat up. This dark casino movie brings out the dark side of gambling. Jack is not reformed nor does he write his novel. Death and mayhem are his rewards.


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