Csi: The Successful Tv Show And Its Portrayal Of Vegas

It may be hard to find something new to say about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but we’ll give it a go. As you may already know, this is one of the most successful TV shows produced in the last couple of decades. In the 14 years since it first aired, it has won Emmys, Golden Globes and dozens of other awards. The fact that this show has been going on strong for fourteen seasons, stands as testament to its value and quality. But, just in case you are one of the few people unfamiliar with the show, let’s talk about the synopsis for a bit.

The show takes place in Las Vegas – a very wise decision, as I’ll explain later, and it is, as its name suggests, about the adventures of a team of crime scene investigators. These people use cutting edge technology to take forensic science to a whole new level and find those who are guilty of crimes. Each murder case is extremely complicated and these people have to stay on top of their game to make sure that the guilty are punished. OK, this is not a new plot. It has been done to death ever since TV was invented. So why is CSI so popular?

Well, I think I would put it down to some of the acting and the unique ways in which they solve the crimes. The team of actors includes some really shining stars, among them Laurence Fishburne, who put in some great performances. More often than not, they manage to make the audience feel like the suspense is real and what they do there actually matters. I believe having this element is imperative if you want a TV show to succeed. Next, you have the gadgets and technology they use to solve crimes. This element of the show has brought it a lot of praise, but also a lot of criticism. Some of the methods used by the team to solve crimes are actually being used by real police officers, but others just seem out of this world and for good reason. The technology in question doesn’t actually exist, but the writing and acting is so good that people really think those things are possible. This has actually brought a lot of criticism from police officers and other people.

And now, concerning the reason I like the show: it’s Vegas, baby! As a self-proclaimed gambling aficionado, I like to spend my nights in a Vegas casino whenever I get the chance, attracted to its lights, slot machines, tables, et al. This means I have become quite accustomed to the city and seeing CSI’s portrayal tickles my fancy. Even though I rarely do more than spend my time playing the slots, I know that Vegas is truly the land of all possibilities, and that makes the show a little more believable for me. If those things that happen in the show are possible anywhere on the planet, then they are possible in Las Vegas.