Las Vegas, A Tv Show That Ended Too Soon

Las Vegas (2003-2008) is just one of those shows you can see in one week. I say that because that’s what I actually did. I bought the DVDs and got so caught up in the show that I finished the whole five seasons in just one week. I’ve been passionate about all things Vegas for as long as I can remember, but as it is very hard for me to actually go there and try my luck at the slots for more than a couple of times a year – and the local casino doesn’t really do much for me – I like to watch all the Las Vegas shows I can get my hands on.

Much to my shame, I admit I didn’t even know this show existed while it was on the air. I was a lot busier back then. But a friend of mine has mentioned it in passing recently, believing that I had already seen it, and I asked for more information. My interest was piqued and I bought the DVD box set on the next day. The show is about the security team that works in a grand casino. It’s not particularly groundbreaking, but everything is executed so beautifully that I can’t help but like this show.

Don’t get me wrong, the concept has been done to death, but some of the individual plots from many episodes are quite fresh and enticing. That’s the actually one of the factors that made sure I stayed glued to my TV screen for an entire week. Some of the storylines are absolute masterpieces, at least in my eyes. I don’t know if I would feel the same way if wasn’t so much into Vegas, casinos and slot machines, but I think I still would. Another reason I binge watched the show was the excellent portrayal of events that happen in a Vegas casino. You’ve got managers and hosts trying to get a hold of high rollers, you have all kinds of celebrities showing up for shows and gambling and so many more elements that can only be found in Vegas.

I was also quite astounded by the beauty of the girls used in the show. We all know these productions are often packed with beautiful people, but some of the girls here are just works of art. And let’s face it, if you are a single guy, you’re not just going to Vegas for the gambling. Vegas is just full of unique ways to have fun and meet interesting people. Despite the fact that the actual casino is fictional, it does manage to recreate most of the magic that one may encounter on a trip to Vegas. The one thing I hate about it is that it got cancelled during the off season, ending on a cliffhanger. We’ll probably never get to see the end of the story. But if I’d never have gone to Vegas, this show would definitely help me decide to give it a go.