Vegas: Vintage Tv Show On Casinos And Gambling - casino vintag written in lights


If you haven’t watched Vegas (1978-1981) yet, you should do it as soon as possible.



It may not have the highest ratings or the best reviews, but I think any gambler should see all 3 seasons of this show. The plot is rather basic and you have probably seen it a million times. Robert Urich is Dan Tanna, a private investigator who plies his trade in Las Vegas. We’ve seen dozens and movies and shows that are based on the same concept, but there’s just something special about this one. First of all, it is made in a time period when Las Vegas was changing into what we know and love today. We all know how the mob used to be involved in just about every corner of the city, and we can see that in the show. However, we are also able to see how the new replaces the old and the city becomes filled with glamour.

Even though I have been passionate about gambling all my life, the great Robert Urich managed to steal the show for me. Whenever I see a casino show, I usually get so caught up in the sets and all things Vegas that I sometimes ignore the actors and even the plots. I just couldn’t do that when I watched Vega$.  Even though the sets were absolutely excellent and some of the camera work really impressed me, I just couldn’t help but be awed by Urich’s performance. The man just managed to make the role his own and made me fall in love with both the character and the show.

The show has been released on DVD recently and it made me feel extremely nostalgic. Even though the old Las Vegas had numerous seedy and shadowy aspects, it still had its own magic and some of it has gone away. Nowadays it’s all massive corporations. The luxury and opulence are unmatched in the world and that is incredible, but it’s not so bad to yearn for the old days every once in a while. As a man who loves playing the slots in Vegas casinos whenever I get the chance, I sometimes wish I could be able to gamble in the old days. But that’s not possible, and watching Vega$ is the next best thing.


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Dan Tanna’s life kind of makes you want to go back in time and live in his shoes for at least a couple of days. He has an amazing car, women just can’t get enough of him, he can gamble in Las Vegas whenever he wants and his life is packed with adventure and excitement. I would also like to mention the show’s pace, which I think is absolutely excellent. It’s fast enough to make sure you never get bored, but you never feel like they’re just rushing through things. In conclusion, just make sure you watch this show whenever you get the chance. It will show you how Las Vegas used to be and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.