Vegas Is Transforming Before Our Eyes

Vegas is everyone’s favorite destination! So why does it make people sad? The reason is because the casinos are seemingly stopping their free drinks. One of the attractive things about Vegas is the free brews you always get on the house. It doesn’t matter how much you play, one drink can at least makes you cheerful.

Vegas runs on money and booze. If you eradicate the free booze, will it make the money go away? That’s some Food for thought! Acquiring a free drink will make you feel slightly better if you have lost some money. As luck would have it, this free drink practice goes way back; but is about to be changed now.


Why is the Drink Policy being changed?

Casinos are reexamining their profits and Guess what? The free cocktails are a liability on their margin of profit. Vegas Casinos feel that the billions they generate from high rollers are not enough – they want to eradicate the free drinks to make their profit rise!

The LA Times lately reported that Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts are currently trying to track the spending habits of players to serve them cocktails based on the amount of money they have spent. This assessment has been tried on technology-driven machines such as the video poker machines alone. Though, if the technology works as expected, very soon this tracking device will be integrated into the blackjack and poker tables next.


How Does this New Policy Work?

The drinks policy is relatively resourceful. Caesars Entertainment startled us by mounting lights on their video poker equipment. Once a player wagers a specific sum, the light turns to green which indicates that they are qualified to receive a drink on the house.

In the same way, MGM took the drink policy further. Their machines printed out free drink vouchers which could be utilized at the bar within the premises. We are curious about what the remaining casinos are going to do next.


Let Vegas be Vegas and Allow Us To Wager in Peace

We dislike this drink policy. The reason we dislike it is because it’s as if you’re giving a tax cessation to high rollers who do not actually care about free drinks. They have sufficient money to burn while staying in the finest places in Vegas and do not need that free drink. Aside from this, they also get remarkable treatment from the casinos such as free suites and free tickets to the finest shows, etc.

Normal earning folks do not stand a chance. Some of us save our money to visit Vegas. If we are losing at the casino, offering us a free cocktail will do a lot of good to us.


This Is What We Will Do

We will come along with our Hip Flasks! Fashionable, discreet and chic hip-flasks are the answers to our drink policy issues. Earnestly, there are a lot of flasks out there, each person can find the right kind of hip flask. Ladies inclusive. There are a lot of girly flasks out there, such as this garter flask coming from Flaskaholic’s buying guide for hip flasks for women:

Then, once you have acquired a flask or two, when you get to Vegas, visit the native liquor shops and get any drink you like. Go into your hotel room, mix your drinks before stepping out. If you are feeling courageous, carry 2-3 hip flasks.

Are you planning to casino hop? No worries. You can go back to your room to have a refill, and move out to the next stop. If you are pondering on how to clean your hip flask, you ought not to worry, it is pretty quick and easy – some hot water combined with lemon is going to get the job done.


Here Come the Awesome Hip Flasks

Hip-flasks, being extremely successful, are the answer to the oppression that we are going to face as soon as we get inside the casino. Overcome it by coming with your own drink. However be modest while taking a mouthful. You don’t want to be ushered off the casino floor just because you are consuming alcohol from a hip flask! Be vigilant, go to the restroom often, or maybe step outside the casino for a mouthful. Either way, bear in mind that you can constantly find your way out of miniature issues such as these. More Power to the Hip Flask!


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